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About me: 
Well, my name is Ed Hansberry. I spend tons of time messing with my Pocket PC and helping others get the most out of their Pocket PC. Click here to learn what apps I use on my Windows Mobile phone daily. Right now it is an HTC Universal with WinMo 6 on it. I am waiting on T-Mobile to release the Touch Pro2.

I am also an Microsoft MVP for Mobile Devices, which includes Pocket PCs and Smartphones. My specialty is the Pocket PC though. You can read more about what an MVP is and the MVP program in general at Microsoft's MVP site. You can see my Microsoft MVP profile here. I also have a page at Smugmug for our family pictures.

I am a Contributing Editor at Pocket PC Thoughts and a daily blogger at Information Week for their Over The Air blog..

This is me, without my coffee
Me, before my first cup of coffee.
(or three....)

To contact me, go here and fill out the form. Please be sure to include a valid email address if you want a response. Please do not use this for one on one tech support. Visit the Pocket PC Thoughts forums or Microsoft Newsgroups for that.

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